My dream country

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Canada Oh dear Canada !

Montréal the second Silicon Valley

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The innovation district in Montréal is in expansion.

Lot of start-up born in Montréal this is why we can say Montréal

has the capicity to become a new Silicon valey. Moreover it’s a country

where lot of people speak french. It’s a big argu for me.




Google Montréal

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The biggest company in the world ! And here we speek french !

Google Office

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My dream office or more exactly, my dream work environment it’s just what i’am hearing

when i listen to people of google team speak about there company, there are lot of different place with

a different atmosphere where anybody on the company (manager, developper etc…) can be together

and work. Almost every body in the company work on a laptop so their office is the company ! Of curse

they must have a real office with a phone etc…


My Office

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Actually we need office to work. On mine i don’t need lot of device. I hope my material will be just

a laptop like i say and a smartphone to receive call phone. My biggest dream is to be the most ofently possible

out of my office. Going in all the services to coordinate work team for example. I love communication so

my dream office isn’t one office !


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